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The new push notifications in mobile web for Mastodon 2.0 are reallllllly good, indistinguishable from a native app now. I just pinned my mastodon server to my home screen and I no longer have any need for a dedicated app.

@darius yeah. I've been using the mobile app and it's great. Definitely needs some polish but it's clear the future is super bright.

@darius @nightpool could be the browser. Try installing it from a different browser. I hear chrome is better then ff?

@stefanhayden not sure what you mean.... There's only one browser on iphones, and it doesn't support push notifications. "Chrome on iOS" is just an embedded webkit viewer (the same browser as safari)

@nightpool maybe I'm wrong. Just what I have heard from others. I don't know how iPhones work.

@darius Yeah mobile safari doesn't support service workers or push notifications at all.

@nightpool god, they're the world's most absentee major browser vendor. Hated attempting to work with them back when I was doing standards type work

@darius what about sharing? you know, when browse your gallery of pictures and click share? can you register your web client into that?

@luka seems like that's not happening out of the box on android

@darius why do you prefer mobile web? Philosophical reasons? Or native apps no good?

@iluxan my general MO is "weak opinions, weakly held" so pretty much I just like that I don't have to install anything and also if I want a feature in my mobile web app I can just fork my instance and add it

@darius fair harder to do your own mobile app of course


Thanks for the recommendation, going to pin my server to home screen and give it a try.

@darius Those are already in 1.6 tho. Did something change about them?

@raucao I know there were changes but I was never on 1.6 so can't say for sure

@darius The changelog doesn't include information about that. I'm pretty sure it's not new in 2.0.

@darius Strange. I enabled it on our instance as soon as it dropped in 1.6, and we've been using it happily since then. In subsequent minor releases, they were polished and are now indistinguishable from native apps. We haven't upgraded to 2.0 yet.

@darius So it's basically just mixing up a bunch of things in the announcement, probably for people not having followed Mastodon in the meantime.

@darius Anyway, we can all be happy about it in any case. :)

@raucao @darius They were introduced in 1.5, unfortunately they are pretty hidden in the UI with no clear explanation about how they differ from regular notifications.

@sorin @darius It literally says "push notifications, for this device".

@raucao @darius True, but I've seen plenty of people confused by that toggle (why would I use them instead of desktop notifications, there is not mention that they work when the tab is closed or on mobile - not to mention that the toggle is not present in browsers that don't support them).

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