Darius Kazemi

Just a reminder to new Mastodon folks: if you want to join an instance where the only letter you can use is "e", I run dolphin.town and registrations are open!

@darius oh that looks as if it would display a glorious amount of fun and humor

@darius oulipo fellas running & screaming like when the lady opened her fridge portal in Ghostbusters

@darius Now I want to create an instance called Gadsby where you can use any letter but E.

@darius @danielnazer oulipo dot social is a good spot to goof around with pals!

@darius I forget, what was the name of the dolphin.town bot that posts the entirety of Moby Dick, bludgeoned to match the format?

one can communicate quite well with Manchester encoding

@Branford I mean that is presumably how the dolphins themselves do it

@darius if it didn't break the Oulipo instance's rules to post normally but simply leave out the e's, it would be lovely to pair accounts on the two instances -- one the shadow of the other.

@adormir this is scientifically how dolphins communicate, so: yes

@darius LOL I guess some people have extra bandwidth and time on their side ) but good one,

Don't forget to CW intrusive content there :-)

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