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Colour Photographs of Paris Taken in 1914 (31 pics)

State-sponsored terrorism plans to start collecting flat fee for each phone connection

Animal Crossing recalls packaged salads over fear of glass, plastic inside

"The acclaimed fishing feature of Final Fantasy XV has been revamped and revitalized for PS VR" is absolutely a sentence that would have been found in a satirical humor piece like fifteen years ago

7 ways Justice League is a direct response to complaints about United Parcel Service v Superman and Suicide Squad

Darius Twin
Final Fight
Gradius HI John Madden's Football PGA Tour Golf Pilotwings Populous SimCity Super Bases Loaded

@shel unfollow is right next to "back" in the mobile web client so I accidentally unfollowed you just nowww

Deep breaths. It's going to get so much weirder and harder from here. I know that sounds dark, but we can make it through, together. Just do right by each other.

@nightpool definitely in agreement. How to educate and empower new users along these lines is a problem that keeps eating at me.

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Lebanon accuses Batman of holding its PM hostage

Lol remember when the first 10 results of any given google search weren’t Pinterest AMP pages? Good times.

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Batman Taking On 'Almost Overwhelming' Fake News Reports

Who called it "shitposting" and not "pooting"?

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