@darius A passing thought on Bot ethics: Maybe bots on Mastodon should use a Content Warning for "bot-generated content"? I know you are good about adding transparency to Profile summaries and often use "@botsin.space" to help, but a CW is a clearer bit of transparency for boosts and out-of-context displays in places like Federated Timelines. What do you think?

Darius Kazemi

@max What purpose does a CW serve in this case? Genuine question here, I'm having trouble thinking through it

@darius Explicit opt-in to read/view it. I am slowly working through the idea that maybe bots don't deserve free/easy/cheap human attention. May be anthropocentric thinking on my part, but I'm starting to think more warnings for bots in public feeds is the more responsible approach. It's one of a number of ethical positions I'm debating that I have more questions than answers yet.

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