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I've started having a better time on Mastodon/Fediverse by treating this like early Twitter: I try to follow back everyone in order to fill my timeline with stuff. I aggressively follow anyone when I see a boost of something they wrote that I like. I am going to start doing the ol' Follow Friday thing to help other people find people. I follow a lot of people I know *NOTHING* about but it's finally lively enough to keep me engaged.

@darius I like that strategy... I'm realizing that it's kinda hard to find people I already know here but that's a *good* thing.

@darius That's how I got started back in November of 2016. I don't add as many people now, but when someone is engaging with my stuff and they're interesting, I'll follow back.

Masto can be a _lot_ of fun.

@darius I'm doing the opposite!! I'm a follow fiend on most platforms, but I'm trying to slow down and be more discerning over here. It feels nice to have a small, managable space

@uglymachine Right. Different people, different needs. I will probably eventually make a personal "alt" here that is IRL friends only

@darius @uglymachine
I accidentally started doing this; on oulipo.social I read everything (and most of my local timeline), whereas on octodon I just skim. In general, I find that I don't *want* a full timeline; I like being able to visit mastodon and then *finish* visiting mastodon for the time being, instead of it being a limitless activity.

tl;dr: I'm actively trying to avoid this becoming early Twitter because I now see that Twitter was never very good for me.

@phooky @darius @uglymachine I'm with phooky! I find it soothing that my local community on Mastodon is so small. On birdworld, which is public, I'm Watching My Words; on Mastodon, I'm just goofing around. Things might switch from this to that, but for now, I'm happy with that distinction.

It's cool how you build a path for birdfolk who want to switch platforms, Darius! <3

@darius Yea, I think one feature that really isn't effective on Masto is the locking to "only people who follow you" rather than "only people you follow." I don't necessarily want the people who follow me to see some stuff I want my pals to see.

@uglymachine @darius Why not dream big, and have your user lists as visibility options?

@LogicalDash @uglymachine I don't see a burger menu anywhere, at least on my own server

@darius @uglymachine @LogicalDash there should be a "Lists" entry in the "Getting Started" column on the far right but I'm not sure if they were in 2.0.0 already or you'd need to update to get the feature

@LogicalDash @darius @uglymachine yeah lists didn't come in until 2.1 and Darius is still running 2.0 so he'd have to update

@uglymachine @darius I want to sort my followers into two groups without having to make an alt if at all possible.

I run a bot (@FollowFriday) that does random recs but it looks like it broke :(

(I'm wrong! It's working again.)

Anyway, follow that bot & it'll include you in the pool of possible weekly recommendations. Mention it & it'll recommend you somebody from the pool you don't already follow, at random.

@darius also like early twotter, I am never gonna rt, and only aimlessly tweet about what I am eating right now.

@darius That's exactly what I've been doing!
Also, following those who liked my intro, then seeing who they've been following, checking conversations, looking for intelligent/disparate views.

@darius yeah, this go around has felt a lot better. There’s enough noise that I’m interested in, that I feel like I’m not the only one talking in a quiet room and therefore feels a lot more comfortable to say something dumb

@ja2ke @darius I created @moa_party to help with this. There's still more content coming in from twitter than out but I feel like it's improving.


I really should analyze the stats fully and post some findings.

@darius on Mastodon, a stranger's still a friend you just don't know ;)

@darius I don't do this quite as much as I used to, but when I started out I would follow people across many domains since my instance is a small one with not many connections.

It actually works out really well, and you can meet people from all sorts of communities at once.

@darius as a noon here, that's exactly what I'm doing!

@darius Something I've also been doing is being “trigger happy” and boosting things more often than in the birdsite, hoping that it helps keep the timeline active and helps people discover accounts they're interested in :blobpeek:

@darius Thanks for sharing this thought. I also have been on Twitter since March 2008 and it has been so very different compared to nowadays. on the contrary makes me feel happy, happy, happy.


next level stalking for fun and profit

socially acceptable stalking

@darius It's a fresh start! Reminds me of the migration from fb to instagram when all the parents came to fb

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